Long Ruk Yim Television Show

Long Ruk Yim (หลงรักยิ้ม) is a weekly variety travel show airing on Ch. 32 Thairath TV, produced by SanFah Productions. Exploring the lost traditions, local lifestyles, quirky pastimes, and unseen corners of Thailand, I venture into communities, temples, back streets, and markets to discover Thai culture through my Canadian point of view. No matter where the show takes me, I always try to embody an attitude of “look, learn, do” when filming. It translates well for viewers, and helps them (and me!) connect with the real Thailand.

So while I have also hosted community-based tourism workshops, food travel shows, and international promotional events for Thai Tourism in places as far away as Toronto and Canberra, I am fortunate that my passion for television manifested itself in these shows, which I am very proud of. As I like to say: “plan to be lucky”.

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