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2305, 2021

How to be a Great Customer

Ideas around customer service are one of the most heavily covered topics in modern business. At my own business we train for it, dissect it, review it, and obsess over it, and we don’t get it perfect every time. But it occurred to me that while plenty has been discussed or written about how to be great at customer service, very little is discussed or written about how to be a great customer. 

305, 2021

How We Wow’d the “Un-Wowables” Part II: The Execution​

As we thought more about it, it became apparent that it had nothing to do with the canvas. The location. The destination. How could we have momentarily forgotten our purpose on earth? Nothing we ever did was about the destination. It is about value. The journey. The pleasant surprise. The spontaneity. Our journeys have always been a metaphor for life.

305, 2021

How We Wow’d the Un-Wowables Part I: The Plan

In the middle of a once-in-a-generation global slowdown that's decimated the travel industry, an opportunity came along that asked us to craft an experience that would have pushed us to our limit even if we were firing on all cylinders, for clients who had literally seen and done it all.

103, 2021

Don’t forget that travel can still be fun!

Yesterday our team at Smiling Albino and I had the good fortune to host 6 local expat + Thai guests on a cycling adventure exploring the diverse riverside communities in old Bangkok. Value might be a tricky thing to define, but for us it’s!

2102, 2020

Some Thoughts on COVID-19 – The CoronaVirus

There's a lot of talk and uncertainty surrounding the CoronaVirus, but what does it look like from the perspective of someone who lives in Asia, and travels for a living?

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