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The basics

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Born and raised in Canada • Inspired by travels with parents • Moved to Thailand in 1999 • Building dreams ever since! That’s the really short version, but a lot has happened in between!

As co-founder of luxury adventure company Smiling Albino, I’m lucky to have the opportunity to share my knowledge of Thailand and the rest of SE Asia with our clients, from urban dwellers looking to step out of their comfort zone, to titans of industry wanting to redefine the experience of travel. I have some opinions on luxury, travel, and value, and I’ll share them via blogs and stories on this site.

I am also the host of two well-known documentary travel shows. First, the innovative Long Krung series (2011-2013), and now Long Ruk Yim (2016-present). I’ve traveled the far corners and hidden alleyways of Thailand, meeting the people, experiencing the traditions, sampling the food, and unraveling the mysteries, all of which reinforce the reasons why Thailand is magical and mesmerizing. It is my home.

But despite – or probably because of – my constant travels, I’m still learning new things every day. Click the button below to learn more about what I do.

The blog

As a local business, here’s why we want to book hotels on your behalf

February 20th, 2022|General, Travel|

There are many reasons we want to book hotels on behalf of our overseas guests and business partners, but the short answer is that it works towards a stronger and more sustainable travel ecosystem for all of us...it empowers us to build our businesses locally, to spend locally, to support locally.

Gratitude for 2021. It was a bitch.

December 24th, 2021|News, Travel|

A year ago we thought we were almost over this thing, and then the endless 3rd wave came like a tsunami and again challenged every notion we'd had, forced us to rethink our worst outcome business plans, necessitated yet more innovation and creativity, more funny accounting to balance the books, new ways to engage staff and clients, the weekly struggle to look alive in the darkest moments. It’s not like we’re storming Normandy or anything like that. We learned a new game face. It’s mostly handsome.

In celebration of sandbox travel – visit Thailand before the world returns.

September 20th, 2021|Food, General, News, Travel, Warm Countries|

Traveling the sandboxes to Thailand during Q4 2021 and early Q1 2022 is a once-in-fifty year experience. It is the tourism crowds of the 1960’s, with the prices of the 1990’s, and the modern luxuries of 2021. Like a sneak preview of pre-tourism Thailand, come now, before the world returns.

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